Physical/Material vs. Spiritual Life

Alter Rebbe

Alter Rebbe

“Spiritual and physical are antithetical in their very essence. A superior quality in the physical is a deficiency in the spiritual. In material matters one who is “satisfied with his lot” is an individual of the highest quality. A person possessing this trait will, through effort, attain the highest levels. In spiritual matters, however, to be satisfied with one’s lot is the worst deficiency and leads G-d forbid to descent and falling.” — Alter Rebbe

The soul and the body are moving in opposite directions. The body is drawn toward physical pleasures, and the soul toward insight and spiritual delights. In the material world, wanting more is for gain or self-preservation. For the soul, the thirst is not simply about achieving or gain; it is the way the soul breathes. There is an infinite ladder to climb, and the soul cannot remain stationary for too long because a soul, by design, possesses infinite energy and potential. Thus, the soul ultimately cannot be satiated. When a person feels satisfied in spiritual matters and stops progressing, the soul’s breath is stifled.  – Dan Lewin

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